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Strongly oriented towards innovation in mobility systems, I-MOVING operates on a national and international market by supplying electric vehicles and solution and systems for parking and charging. The range of I-MOVING electric vehicles is aimed primarily at businesses, by providing integrated solutions targeted in the conversion of corporate fleets. The I-MOVING vehicles can also count on a wide range of special equipment: numerous modifications of the cargo spaces were in fact made from the stock frames, directing them towards the world of waste collection or transport of special cargo, including the refrigerated compartment trim. I-MOVING today is the first manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles Made in Italy, able also to set-up the electric transformation of combustion engine vehicles.


Products, systems and services for the future’s mobility

Being a Mobility System Integrator means taking care of all the opportunities and problems related to mobility, building innovative solutions, from the infrastructure reference design to the creation of systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources, so as to ensure the full cycle of a supply eco-friendly “green fuel”.
in this context we have developed specific electric vehicles financing projects whose investment return plan is based on the Sun: parking powered by solar energy offer in fact the opportunity not only to recharge the vehicle with a zero cost and zero emissions system, but also to provide, in the overall business plan, an economic return given by the sales of its free and constant clean energy.
after the analysis of the end user’s needs, I-MOVING is therefore able to offer services, products and systems that make the investment undertaken financially sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I' Moving,it’s electric

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Transportation of people and goods in the green mobility era

The electric mobility has, as main objective, the pollution’s reducing on the planet. This target is achievable just if, with the diffusion of electric vehicles, comes also a new concept of infrastructures designed to vehicles recharge.  I-MOVING’s recharging stations are meant to use just energy generated from renewable sources: our photovoltaic shelters and solar parking are capable to provide clean energy not just for the recharging, but also for the lighting systems. The I-MOVING project is much more complete compared to the usual electric vehicles producers: is a totally green system that aims to the efficiency of usual and highly polluting mobility systems, both for people and goods.


An eco-friendly logistics for historical centers

The traditional mobility systems in the last decades have shown strong inefficiency in the context of urban mobility, especially in the historical centers of cities and towns.
The last mile is the urban area, often corresponding to the limited traffic areas, to which access is generally limited by electronic gates and/or special tools to help reduce the impact of thermal-engine transport.
The objective of I’MOVING is to significantly downsize the impact of mobility on the environment, by eliminating or drastically reducing the level of pollution and ensuring organizations, companies and individuals the ability to overcome regulatory obstacles to access to all areas of the city.
Among the main benefits of using electric vehicles in this context we can highlight as follow:

  • elimination of smog
  • elimination of noise pollution
  • reduction of space consumption

Charging system

Last Mile