Solid and eclectic

I’Moving’s citycars are equipped with the FE (Full Electric), RE (Range Extender) and BM (Bi-Mode) technologies, depending on the client’s needs and necessities. Solid and eclectic, the I’Moving’s citycars are the perfect electric and hybrid cars for any kind of trip: comfortable both in the city traffic and in long journeys. Up to now, I’Moving transformed Fiat vehicles such as 500, 500X and 500L.

Technical features

Category: M1
Engine: Asynchronous
Power: 15 kW – 30 kW
Brakes: Energy recovery
Recharge: 230 VAC – 16A – 3 kW

Max slope: 18%
Battery: 222V, 100Ah – composed of lithium elements
Seats: 4
Max speed: 90 km/h
Autonomy: 100 km FE – 300 km RE – 450 km BM

Available in:

Full Electric - I'Moving
range-extended - I'Moving
bi-modal - I' Moving


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