The higher expression of a modern commercial vehicle

A modern front, a charming and spacious cabdriver, an elegant dashboard with refined finishes, this is the new style of the Giotti Victoria’s range. Extremely agile and with a minimum turning radius, this van is perfectly comfortable in any traffic situation and in the medium and long distances. The solid and modern chassis confers to the vehicle the maximum strength and affordability. The Gladiator is available with different outfits and equipments tailored for any client’s needs.

Technical features

Categoria: N1
Max Speed: 80Km/h
Power: 18/31kW

Wheelbase: 2760mm
Massa totale a terra 1865 Kg
Average payload capacity: 400 kg

Available in:

Full Electric - I'Moving
range-extended - I'Moving
bi-modal - I' Moving


waste-collection - I'moving
Logistic & Delivery - I'Moving
Tourism - I'Moving
People - I'Moving
Promotion - I'Moving
Food & Beverage - I'Moving