Photovoltaic parking areas for vehicles

The realization of photovoltaic parking areas for vehicles, electric or non electric, is the opportunity to generate clean energy in order to supply charging, lighting and video control systems. The Solar Park project is part of a wider I’MOVING system  designed to support the diffusion of electric mobility projects both in public transport and in private investments in the green conversion of mobility systems, with particular reference to the logistics of goods. The Solar Park produced so far have achieved significant results, such as the requalification of the areas subjected to intervention. Various benefits have been obtained through the application of technologies and integrated systems for reducing emissions and operating costs. Even already existing parking areas can be upgraded by applying ecological lighting or shading systems for parking spaces.


  • shading and waterproofing of parking areas
  • production of electricity from renewable sources
  • creating self-sufficient charging stations
  • ability to requalify abandoned and existing infrastructures
  • total economic self-sustainability of the entire system

Technical data

Current tension: 120 – 230 Vac
Protection: IP65
Max voltage: 16A (per socket)
Socket type 2P+T+1AUX